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Cherry Blossom with pagada abstract landscape

Price:- $499

A dreamy landscape painting with Cherry Blossom and pagoda. The colors are bright and mood elevating, This painting will liven up any decor and make the space colorful.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24 x 18 inches
I have penned a poem on this painting which will accompany the original painting as a bonus.

Poem:Dreamy Cherry Blossom

When Walking through the windy path
As i put my foot on the shiny grass,
came across a scene so rare,
made me look and keep the stare!

Cherry blossom so fresh n bright
Pink n white petals dancing in the light.
Red lantern swinging with the breeze,
casting an everlasting glow
lighting the trees!

The distant pagoda shining with ease,
beckoning to come and experience peace.
Put a step forward and woke up with a start realised oh what a pity,
it was just a dream of some distant past!

Then I sketched n colored wasn't it clever?
Saved another blossom to bloom forever!

-Manjiri -

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