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Mother and child window to the world pandemic art

Price:- $399

This painting is dedicated to all new mothers in the time of Corona pandemic. Being a mother is the most unique and precious time in a women's life. It is easy to see what this pandemic has taken. We have to cut through the exhaustion, house work and sibling battles for younger kids. However this has also offered us a gift.... The gift of TIME. Being a parent of grown up children, this is precious time to spend with our kids who otherwise would have been away busy in their world. The pandamic has robbed everyone of something. The least it can do is give us time to cherish with our loved ones.
The world is changing due to the pandemic. This painting depicts a look at the households from outside the window.

Medium: Acrylic on paper
Size: 16.5 x 11.7 inches

Tracing number and certificate of authenticity will be provided after shipmen

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